November 15, 2021 (16:00-20:10 UTC)

16:00-16:10 Opening
16:10-17:10 Keynote by Westley Weimer (University of Michigan)
Chair: Fernanda Madeiral (KTH)
Break (15 min)
17:25-18:00 Paper presentation - Session 1
Chair: Felipe Ebert (Eindhoven University of Technology)
17:25-17:45 Readability and Understandability of Snippets Recommended by General-purpose Web Search Engines: a Comparative Study
Carlos Eduardo Carvalho Dantas (Federal University of Uberlândia) and Marcelo Almeida Maia (Federal University of Uberlândia)
17:45-18:00 Recommending Code Understandability Improvements based on Code Reviews
Delano Oliveira (Federal University of Pernambuco)
Break (5 min)
18:05-18:40 Paper presentation - Session 2
Chair: Felipe Ebert (Eindhoven University of Technology)
18:05-18:25 An Investigation of Compound Variable Names Toward Automated Detection of Confusing Variable Pairs
Hirohisa Aman (Ehime University), Sousuke Amasaki (Okayama Prefectural University), Tomoyuki Yokogawa (Okayama Prefectural University), and Minoru Kawahara (Ehime University)
18:25-18:40 An Eye Tracking Perspective on How Developers Rate Source Code Readability Rules
Cole Peterson (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), Kang-il Park (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), Isaac Baysinger (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), and Bonita Sharif (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)
18:40-18:50 Q&A for all papers
Break (15 min)
19:05-20:05 Discussion panel with Janet Siegmund (Chemnitz University of Technology), Venera Arnaoudova (Washington State University), and Raymond Buse (Google)
Moderator: Simone Scalabrino (University of Molise)
20:05-20:10 Closing